Sunday, March 21, 2010

Three new pick-up sites!

Tamarindo Recycles is happy to announce three new sets of barrels for community drop-off of recyclable material. All three of theses sites are located along the "Pasatiempo" road. These barrels are made of white heavy plastic and have our stickers on them. The first set is near the corner across the street from the Oveja Negra hostel. The second set of barrels, farther up the road, is in front of the empty lot across the street from La Botella de Leche. The third set is across the street from the gym on the corner near Villas Mariposa.

Please help us to keep the sites clean by bringing your material in CLOSED bags. Please bring an empty bag with you when you drop off your material and donate 5 minutes of your time to collecting loose bottles etc. from the site you use.

Remember: NO WET CARDBOARD. If it looks like rain, keep your cardboard at home.

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Glenn M said...

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